• April 9, 2012
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The Layers We Add

The layers you add early in life to survive in the world trap your spirit from leaving it later. Work to unpeel those layers to experience the happiness you deserve and to let your spirit soar.

When you are born, you rely on your parents to feed you, to protect you, to learn about the world around you.  They also teach you right from wrong, how to act and interact.  They teach you the rules of society.  For better or worse, they also add layers onto the real YOU that you were born to be.

As you age and you wander out into the world, you meet people.  Some are good.  Some not so good.  You learn how to belong, but you also learn how to compete.  Each person you meet and each lesson you learn adding another layer onto the real YOU.

Each layer separates the "you" that everyone knows from the YOU that is at the heart of who you are.  This separation becomes the cause for much of your unhappiness.  It also becomes the source for your desire later in life, to "find yourself."  To "get back to your roots."

I call this finding YOUR Simple Truth.

There's nothing scary about it.  It is simply a process of life.  We start by learning how to survive in the physical world.  We then learn to live in the social world.  And finally, when we are ready, we learn to live in the spiritual world.  Which is, in truth, learning to live with ourselves.