• July 1, 2012
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The Logic of Life

The logic of life does not tolerate permanent revaluations.  They are possible only on paper, but in real life a revaluation is only a means, a tool, but never an aim.  It allows the destruction of obstacles which hinder a new constructions but destruction for destructions sake is contrary to life.

Every analysis is useful and even necessary, but when this analysis does not care about the results, when it excludes the task of finding a synthesis, it turns to its opposite, and instead of clarifying a problem it only renders it more obscure.

Life permits to our desire for knowledge and exploration the most daring and courageous excursions; but only to the explorers who, enticed for a way into the unknown territories, have not forgotten to notice the way by which they came and the aim for which they started.  In Ardmore than anywhere else in the creative discipline, daring expeditions are permissible, but even in art the logic of life arrests the experiments as soon as they have reached the point when the death of the experimental objects becomes eminent.