Neural Networks & Cosmic Webs

Cosmic Web - Simple TruthIn a recent National Geographics article, astronomers released images of a gaseous web that connects galaxies throughout the universe.  These images support theories that galaxies are not floating independently, but "cocooned" within massive clouds of  gas that stretch tens of thousands of light years.

Computer simulations suggest that matter in the universe is distributed across these webs.  The image to the left, in fact, is from such a large-scale dark-matter simulation. The inset is a high-resolution image zoomed into a smaller part of the cosmic web.  It is 10 million light-years across.  In this image the intense radiation from a quasar illuminated just a filament of the web, making it glow.  The one in this image was quasar UM287 as observed by astronomers Anatoly Klypin and Joel Primack, S. Cantalupo. [http://newswatch.nationalgeographic.com/2014/01/19/astronomers-get-first-glimpse-of-cosmic-web/]

Whe truly amazing part of this story is not the interconnectivity of the Universe but the similarity between these images and the images of the neural networks that exist on a micro scale within our own brain.

When comparing these images, what we see is that the idea of interconnectivity is not relegated to the massiveness of the galaxies or the micro nature of the brain.  It is how the same things exist at every level.  It is a sign of how everything works.  Simply put, it is proof that all things are connected and networked and linked in webs that exist on every scale from microns to lightyears.  All the more reason why it so hard to imagine that there are still people out there who refuse to believe that all of us are linked in our own web of humanity.

You see, the universe does not work with different sets of rules.  It has one set of rules.  They apply to everything and everyone.  You do not need to seek out old texts or or read ancient scripture to find the truth to this.  You simply need to look at the world as it is around you.  For in it you can see that the laws of nature repeat themself at every level.  To find the divine you simply need to decribe what already is.  You simply need to recognize the patterns that already exist in everyday life.

In those patterns you will find that the same laws which govern a drop of water also govern the oceans and the clouds.  The same resaon that recognizes value in one human finds the same value in every other human, regardless of race or creed or gender or sexual preference.  The love we feel for each other is our own network.  It ebbs and flows in response to the forces of the Universe.  And if we could color it, it would look just like the images on this page, but connecting everyone and everything.

So instead of looking at obscure texts and scripture to decide how to act, or to determine what is wrong or right, look to the obvious.  Look at the patterns of the skies and the cycles of the seasons.  Look at the waves and the rocks.  Those are your true teachers.  If you can just quiet yourself long enough to recognize their patterns and remain open to their stories they will show you the network that exists in all things - yes, even in yourself.



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