The Simple Truth

Part autobiography, part guide for finding and following your own Simple Truth.  This is the result of Jeff's initial journey.  It combines Neuroscience and meditation, spirituality and science to help you find your path, without an 11 hour surgery.


“As soon as I started reading this book I began thinking of others I wanted to pass it on to or buy a copy for.”  - Shannon -

“This book is excellent...that's the simple truth! We are fortunate that we only have to buy and read this book to gain the insight that was hard-earned by Mr. Cannon. Definitely the best way to start a new year!” - JMP

“I just have to say wow. This is a great book for anyone who wants to figure out what to do next - but like Jeff says - according to YOUR own simple truth this time.” – Alice R. -

“Very well written and a really smooth read. I was compelled by his life story - how he got back on his feet as quickly as he did is wild. It inspired me to follow his steps for uncovering my own simple truth.” – Paul C. -

“Great for anyone looking to re-set their life, or just balance it all out.” – Paul -

“Thank you Jeff for this powerful contribution to the well being of so many:   Start here, take care of yourself!” – H. Walmer


The Simple Truth is your guide to Modern Meditation.  Written in a clear and straightforward way, I gives you real answers to real questions. 

I wrote the Simple Truth while recovering from a ten hour brain surgery; the result of a life lived outside the boundaries, riddled with stress, anxiety and a 24/7 work ethic that was literally killing me. Written with a unique understanding of the pressures and demands we all face, this book will help you uncover the elements in your life that are holding you back, enabling you to enjoy a happier, healthier, more balanced life that supports YOUR interests.

The Simple Truth updates the time-honored practices of meditation and mindfulness with the latest findings of Western science to give you an easy to follow program that will help you break out of the old habits that have been holding you back.  It uses a proven approach to slow down the world so that you can build the life you want, the life you will enjoy.

In this book you will learn that there is a way to quiet that nagging inner voice.  There is a way to reduce the outside noise and confusion that prevents your from living the life you want, and there is a way to infuse your life with the level of spirituality and awareness you want to experience.  All without having to give up the life you have worked so hard to achieve.    

This is not your typical self-help book.  This is a life changing approach that merges Western science and Eastern philosophy into a unified program that simply makes sense.  As Albert Einstein said, “strive to make things as simple as possible, but no simpler.”  With The Simple Truth you can do this by rewiring how you live for the modern world.

Now it the time to find your own Simple Truth.

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