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Keep No Secrets

SecretsI keep no secrets, not yours or my own.  They are far too often used for ulterior motives and as chits to be paid at the behest of the holder.  They weigh down life with another layer of guilt you are always unaware exist when they are made.

So release yourself from the stress and the distractions secrets will cause in your life.  Let them go.  When someone suggests you keep a secret, tell them you are horrible at doing so, and that you will more like divulge what secrets you are given sooner rather than later.  Tell your family and friends to divulge what they have at their own risks. Read More »

Of Turkeys & Seizures, Family & Voices

Thanksgiving 112913To everyone who has sent me emails and left messages, I thank you.  The outpouring, the sentiment, the love - it means a lot to me.

This Thanksgiving I had a seizure.  A rather bad one.  Something the medical community calls a Grand Mal.  It was brought on my several weeks of pushing to launch a new program - the Mindful Diet - two new websites, as well as keep up with an increasingly busy schedule of videos, talks, events and client needs.  All of which I love doing.  All of which brings me meaning and provides purpose to my life.  Most important, all of which I would not want to live without. Read More »

The Cacophony of Family

The Cacophony of Family

I arrived yesterday for Thanksgiving.  It doesn't matter where or when.  It is just a place and a time we converged upon from different points of the compass.  Like some pagan ritual that quickly beco...Read More »
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