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Mindful Moment: Lost in Mindful Awareness

We tend to be lost in thought much of the time.  Rather than living an aware life.  That does not mean lost in daydreams of beautiful beaches or exotic escapes.  It means we allow ourselves to become caught up in whatever thoughts float into our minds, rather than choosing what we want to spend our time focusing on.  Most of these thoughts are worries of the past or the future, rather than being present wherever you are. Read More »

Mindful Moment: Perfectly Imperfect

Remind yourself, humans were not made to be perfect.  We were made to survive.  And we do very well at that.  When our ancestors evolved to become homo sapiens we were not perfect, and we are certainly not perfect now.  If you doubt this just look around.  The world is not a perfect place, but it is perfect in its imperfections. Read More »

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