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The Universe is Your Teacher

The Universe is your teacher. Every time you see a cloud that makes you smile, it has taught you. Every stone that makes you look twice is a lesson. Every brick or building or face that makes you think has given you a lesson. Your life is a classroom of a higher order.

All you have to do is open the door and learn.  Be accepting of the lessons that are out there.  Breathe in the information, the lessons, the experiences that are all there for your growth.  

But most important - LIVE.

The Past is Gone

It's time to let the past go. Whatever happened is long gone.  So move on to the opportunities ahead.  It is through them that you will grow beyond whatever occured yesterday or the day before or even twenty years ago.  

If someone brings up the past, ask them why they're still holding on to it.

Let them know it's time to grow.  It's time to fly.  It's time to soar.

Jeff Cannon

The Simple Truth

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