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The Past is Gone

It's time to let the past go. Whatever happened is long gone.  So move on to the opportunities ahead.  It is through them that you will grow beyond whatever occured yesterday or the day before or even twenty years ago.  

If someone brings up the past, ask them why they're still holding on to it.

Let them know it's time to grow.  It's time to fly.  It's time to soar.

Jeff Cannon

The Simple Truth

Build YOUR Life

Now is the time to build YOUR life. Not the one everyone else wants for you, but YOURS.  Plant that seed now, nurture it with your knowledge and experience.  Then watch it grow.  You will be surprised at what is possible.  You will be surprised at the enormity of what can be.  

But you have to plant that seed if it is ever going to break ground.





Jeff Cannon

Simple Truth



Life's hurdles are there so that we can build bridges over them.  In the end, it's not the hurdles that really matter.  They will come and go, large and small.  It's the bridge that count in the end.   Do don't think about the difficulty of life.  Think instead about looking back at the way your overcame the rock that landed in your path.  Think about the bridge you built and the path ahead.  For that is really why we're here.  Those are the lessons to learn.  

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