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Neural Networks & Cosmic Webs

Cosmic Web - Simple TruthIn a recent National Geographics article, astronomers released images of a gaseous web that connects galaxies throughout the universe.  These images support theories that galaxies are not floating independently, but "cocooned" within massive clouds of  gas that stretch tens of thousands of light years.

Computer simulations suggest that matter in the universe is distributed across these webs.  The image to the left, in fact, is from such a large-scale dark-matter simulation. The inset is a high-resolution image zoomed into a smaller part of the cosmic web.  It is 10 million light-years across.  In this image the intense radiation from a quasar illuminated just a filament of the web, making it glow.   Read More »

Keep No Secrets

SecretsI keep no secrets, not yours or my own.  They are far too often used for ulterior motives and as chits to be paid at the behest of the holder.  They weigh down life with another layer of guilt you are always unaware exist when they are made.

So release yourself from the stress and the distractions secrets will cause in your life.  Let them go.  When someone suggests you keep a secret, tell them you are horrible at doing so, and that you will more like divulge what secrets you are given sooner rather than later.  Tell your family and friends to divulge what they have at their own risks. Read More »

Look Beyond YOUR Thoughts

Look beyond the thoughts your brain has created so that you can explore the moment as it unfolds, without your anger, your fears, your inhibitions.   Remove your ego from the decisions you are about to make, so that you can make them with clarity, free from preconceived notions of winning.  Learn to see the true goals of your actions, so that you can begin to act in YOUR true self interest, rather than the interests of those who have influenced you.  


This is what it is like to rise above and truly start living YOUR life, YOUR way.



Simple Truth


Jeff Cannon

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