Group Workshops

I continue to conduct group workshops on a range of topics.  From my book signings to my foundation courses I teach such topics as my 10 Minute Executives Meditation and Meditation for the Modern World techniques to more active programs designed to address specific issues such as Mindfulness Based Stress Relief [MBSR], Stress and Anger Management, Relationship Meditations, and Finding Your Life Path.   These workshops are constantly updated to incorporate the latest scientific findings within the structure of The Simple Truth.

As with my private practice, each workshop is designed to build upon and augment the others to provide a deep and rich life-library participants can draw from.   Alone or together they will give you the strength, stability and clarity you want.

If you are interested in building your life library please feel free to attend any of my workshops or even a book signing.  However, I always recommend starting with a foundation course in Meditation for the Modern World.

Just some of my workshops include:


Meditation for the Modern World: 

A basic course for those seeking the benefits that meditation can give you throughout your life.  The lessons learned here will give you the foundation from which to reduce your stress, minimize the distractions of the world we live in and gain the strength, stability and clarity you want in your life.

Live with CaRE:

Learn how to hit the pause button in your life so that you can start making the right life choices you need to steer your life in the direction you want it to go.  This is a life changing class that anyone can learn.

Unpeel Your Simple Truth:

An advanced course to unpeel the influences in your life that have prevented you from living the life you love based on your own Simple Truth.  It is highly recommended that this course be taken in conjunction with Jeff’s private practice.

10 Minute Executive Meditation:

Designed for today’s busy executives, this is a mid-level workshop to create a daily meditation practice that anyone can use, even in today’s 24/7 time-pressed world.

Stress & Anxiety Management:

Combined with Jeff’s proprietary Living with CaRE program, this workshop is designed to provide the tools you need to manage your stress and anxiety with practical tools you can use on a day to day basis.

Anger Management:

Where Jeff’s workshop on Stress & Anxiety Management focuses on controlling your internal emotions, this workshop focuses on the outward display of rage that often undermines your life.  Learn to stop yourself from spinning out of control with simple techniques anyone can do.

Finding Your Life Path

An advanced workshop, Finding Your Life Path is designed to help you find a new life direction based on your own Simple Truths.  From defining who you are to refining your life so that it is in balance with the real YOU inside of you.

The Simple Truth behind Love & Lasting Relationships

Based on Jeff’s writings, the workshop is for singles who want to find and create real, lasting relationships based on their own Simple Truths.


Please contact us to find a workshop near you.