Corporate Training

I work with start-ups and established businesses to create empowered corporate cultures.  These are designed to improve the effectiveness of teams and entire organizations.  My Work with CaRE program combines more than 25 years of work experience together with the lessons learned while writing Leadership Lessons of the Navy SEALs and The Simple Truth: Meditation for the Modern World.  Designed for both management and employees these programs will build an empowered and collaborative workforce, break down silos, and teach cooperative work habits.  

Inspired by my work on Leadership Lessons of the Navy SEALs, Work with CaRE teaches employees how work together and support each other’s efforts.  The result is a self-managing team with reduced friction.  Your empowered workforce is better able to take care of the day-to-day decisions in a way that frees up your executive team to take your business to the next level.

The Work with CaRE program is a cutting edge platform for professional transformation.  It was developed specifically to help business owners and executives create a business culture empowered of success to grow your business through empowered teams.  The Work with CaRE program also has key modules designed to overcome specific issues such as Creative Brainstorming, Clearing Silos, Hiring by Your Simple Truth, and Building a Triple Bottom Line. 

The benefits of the Work with CaRE program include:

  • Minimizing internal conflict
  • Removing destructive competition and distraction to help your business run more effectively
  • Reducing stress and improve employee satisfaction
  • Creating a business culture that is supports the business you want to manage
  • Ensuring your teams makes the right decision on a daily basis
  • Improving the ability to brainstorm and develop creative business solutions


Just some of my professional corporate workshop modules include:


Defining the Simple Truth behind your Business

At some point in time every entrepreneur looks at their business and wonders why the business they created is not the one they want to run.  Designed for today’s entrepreneur, this module helps you identify and create the business you actually want to run in a profitable manner.

Optimized Brainstorming

Designed for creative companies who want to optimize how their teams work together in order to get the most they can from the brain-power they have.

Clearing Silos

Every company has them to some level.  It’s human nature to create them.  Yet silos are one of the most destructive elements in any company. This module will help you to you get rid of them and prevent them from being created in the first place?

Hiring Your Simple Truth

People are not your most valuable resource, the right people in the right places are.  Once you know the Simple Truth behind your business, how do you hire teams that you know will support it?  Learn how with HYST.

Building a Triple Bottom Line

Learn how to identify the three components you need to be aware of in order to support the Triple Bottom Line of your Company.  What are the elements to support to create a win/win/win between People, Planet and Profits that works for you.

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