Meditation for the Modern World


            Deeply rooted in traditional practice


Refined for the realities of the modern world


            Designed for today's busy professional to



  • Bring the practice of meditation and mindfulness into your life
  • Reduce your stress, increase your inner strength and find stability
  • Minimize the noise and distractions that impact your life
  • Create the life you want by Living with CaRE
  • Enjoy the world based on your own Simple Truth


"I've been married for 27 years and this is, by far, one of the most spot-on, direct and real explanations of what happens in every long term relationship. You have absolutely pierced the heart of the issue and my heart with your words. Thank you for a beautiful guide to better relationships. If only we would all do this every moment, every day."

"This is meditation I can live with. It gives me the balance I need to stay creative no matter what my day brings."


Start living the life you deserve, by living your own Simple Truth.