4 Weeks to Modern Meditation

If you are looking to start a mediation practice or deepen and existing one, experience the difference of Modern Meditation.

At the core of everything I teach is a structured approach that leverages traditional meditation techniques and lessons for the modern world.  It is designed for people like you who work, play, live and love in the modern world.  I have simply refined traditional teachings and augmented them with neuroscience, so you not only learn how to meditate, but the why behind the techniques.

In the first week you will be able to better manage your stress.  You will quickly be able to overcome distractions.  You will notice a better ability to steer your life in the direction you want it to move by overcoming the auto-responses you make without even knowing why.

Every week I provide you with guidance, discussion and exercises so that you can continue on your own.  I personally work with you to overcome the hurdles that are specific to your life and your mind so that you can quickly and smoothly refine your practice to fit your life; physically, mentally, and spiritually.

By combining traditional meditation techniques with a modern approach I will give you a transformational experience that fits with the realities of your world.  So that you will have a practice you can live with, no matter what the world throws at you.

In just the first week, you will learn how to meditate in as little as ten minutes a day.  You will learn to train your mind just like you train your muscles at the gym.  You will also see the results in just the first few days.


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