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Seeking Balance

Jeff Cannon Simple Truth Meditation Guru

y name is Jeff Cannon. I am a child, exploring the world and myself. I was born in the 60's to New York's Greenwich Village. It was a place of artists and protests, of civil rights and a new dawn.

Outside the Vietnam war raged. Inside, there was a first realization of how corrupt the administration could be. It led to art and theater that people wanted to mean something. Hair and Jesus Christ Super Star, The Wooster Group and spontaneous Street Happenings that had been planned for months were an awakening for many. It started the the awakening so many are having today.

Back then I held my mother's hand as we watched the artists dance nude in the streets. Their friends poured pig's blood over them from a second floor window. Just another war protest that I barely understood.

My Da was a madman by day and a writer at night. My mum was an artist by day and a mother at night. Their friends were artists like them. My friends were the children of the artists they knew. It was a time of movement of change of live and let live; of letting go and letting be.

The West Village was my playground. Soho was still a vacant wasteland of factories and warehouses. I remember a strange word being murmured as people talked of banding together to create cooperatives. It was a weird amalgam - part communal living experiment, part financial loophole, part rebellious people who simply wanted a piece of the pie.

I never lost the need that was instilled in me, the need to be free. To keep things light and flexible. To weave and connect ideas together, rather than to create new ideas myself.

I wandered onto paths that were not mine from time to time, to pursue what I thought was the American Dream. I thought it would take me where I wanted to go. But I learned they would never take me away from ME. The life I was told to pursue was not who I was. Who I am.

So now I return to the roots of a free spirit. To create a school of ideas, rather than a school of walls. To pop-up events and spontaneous workshops that take weeks and months to plan; to refine and teach a form of meditation that weaves the beauty of traditional practices together into a form that seems more right for the issues of the modern world we now live in.

The Simple Truth is what I have to give. It is a method that enables you to find the calm space in which to open your mind and grow, expand, live.

It is true meditation in its simplest form.

I remain on my journey to simplicity, to constantly discover the authentic self I lost so long ago.

You can too you know. And you can do it without losing everything you have earned along the way.


Today, a Free Spirit in a World of Corporations

y name is Jeff Cannon. Today I am an author, a speaker, a meditation coach and spiritual teacher. I am based in New York City but reach around the world.  I am the founder of The Simple Truth Project, helping people uplift their worlds through the tools of meditation.

For the past twenty years I have lived through nine brain surgeries that removed in excess of twenty tumors. I have see the development of Neuroscience and the creation of the modern meditation movement; not just by reading books and studying scripture, but by experiencing the changes in science and spirituality first hand.  In all, My first surgery used a hand drill to enter my skull. The most devastating was a 14 hour surgery in which I could not speak, see or stand.

Each surgery provided me a rare opportunity to see how the brain works and how science has evolved.  In the first surgery, they entered my skull with a titanium hand drill.  In the last, it was with a computer generated 3D model to pinpoint the exact location of the tumors.  In between I experienced seizures and awakenings, moments of depression and enlightenment.  I reached out to doctors and scientists, researchers and monks.  I wrote a book of what I learned and returned to a meditation practice I set aside long ago.  That book, The Simple Truth: Meditation for the Modern World. drove others to reach out to me.

In response I created  how to buy generic finasteride The Simple Truth Project. I also coined the phrase  buy priligy forum The Modern Meditation Movement to reflect the way traditional meditation was changing to meet the realities of the 21st Century we all live in.

My goal in all of this has been to help guide the world to be a more Mindful Place. Not just through the wonders found in the 2,500 year old practice called meditation, but to deliver that practice in a more accessible way to more people by teaching everyone how to find the happiness and the success they deserve.


Life Before The Simple Truth


Before I started The Simple Truth Project, I spent much of my life chasing the dreams so many of us follow. I tried the corporate world, I designed and built furniture, I ran a small catering company, I produced films, I helped to launch the Los Angeles Times online, before I ran top advertising agencies and even started my own digital firm.  I pursued the entrepreneurial dream and worked 24/7 to grow my agency it into a seven-figure business; all while losing myself in the process.  I helped dozens of companies grow their own dreams, all while ignoring my own calling; again and again thinking the course society had shown me was the way to happiness through success.

It was not until the end of 2009 when I was told that I had seven brain tumors that I realized life and the Universe had caught up with me.  In less than a month I was forced to let it all go; my clients, my agency, my world.  It wasn’t the first brain surgery I had had.  It was actually the seventh over a span of twenty years.  But it was the largest.  In the past I simply took a few months off after the doctors stitched me up, and jumped back into the world of profits and keeping up with the Joneses.  I never made the connection that it was my drive was literally killing me.

This time it was different though.  After an 11 hour operation, I woke to a new life.  I had no company to return to.  I had no office door to unlock.  So I watched as my brain rebooted itself.  I witnessed my taste, my sense of smell, and my thought process slowly come back on line.  I also asked a lot of questions.  I spent the next year learning as much as I could about the science of Neuroplasticity.  I spoke with doctors and scientists, researchers and monks.  I revived a meditation practice I had long ago given up.  I changed my diet, my lifestyle and my life.  Most important I started a dialogue that brought to life what I now call Modern Meditation; a way to bring the 2,500 year old practice of meditation into the modern world in a way that honors the Simple Truth behind the original teachings, but refined for the world of today.


Don’t change the way you think,

Change the way you experience life


Since my operation and setting a foot on this path, I have worked with hundreds of people to teach them what I learned - that you can have the happiness and the life you want, and that you can change your relationship with the world around you so that you can live your life your way, according to your own Simple Truth.

With more than twenty years of experience practicing meditation through the martial arts and yoga, and a strong lineage of Masters who have guided me, I bring more than just a certificate to you.  I bring my experience.  I know what the pressures of the world are like.  I understand how work, family, fear and regret can undermine the person you have become to make the person you are it seem like such a far cry from the person you want to be.  It is why I invite you to join me at The Simple Truth Project – to learn how Modern Meditation can help you create the live you love, the life you were meant to live.

To learn more about my work, visit me at The Simple Truth.

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