Transform Yourself

It's time to transform your life into YOUR life

through the little choices you make every day.

It took a life-changing event for me to learn how to live by my own Simple Truth.  You shouldn’t have to.

Throughout my life I have had opportunities presented to me.  In many cases I never paid attention to the ones I should have.  It’s not that I didn’t recognize them.  I was just too busy living the life everyone else wanted for me.  It wasn’t until I started living my life by MY own Simple Truth that I was able to finally be happy with the life I wanted to live.  Today, my life is one that fits MY needs on MY terms, with the success, happiness and balance I had always been looking for.

Transforming my life didn’t happen in a flash of brilliance, but through the simple choices I made every day without even thinking about them.  So if you’re ready to transform your life, if you’re ready to start living your life YOUR way, then it’s time to find and live by YOUR own Simple Truth.

What I’m offering is not going to change who you are.  YOU don’t need to change.  YOU have not done anything wrong.  What you are experiencing is simply a part of the journey of life – an ongoing process of discovery and personal evolution.  The difference is that now you can guide your life in the direction YOU want it to go.  You can put  your life back in balance to find the success, satisfaction you want.  You can be the person you were meant to be.

It's easier than you think, but you have to take the first step to doing so.


What to Expect

Face to Face   Tele-Coaching    Online Chat

Free 45 min Consultation with no obligation

You will learn to:

  • Clear distractions with Modern Meditation,
  • Transition Realization
  • Write your next chapter

Basic Life Coaching

You will learn the basics of STM as you learn to:

  • Live in transition with a sense of calm abiding
  • Resolve issues as they arise
  • Plan for future actualization
  • Create a soft landing for your future
  • Define plans to propel yourself forward

Advanced/Ongoing Coaching

Choose the direction you want your journey to go:

  • Discover Your Simple Truth
  • Create your foundation
  • Build your strategy for happiness
  • Life after upset
  • Find your Work/Life balance
  • Simplify & thrive


Experience The Difference

I can help you transition because I have been where you are now - more than nine times.

Over the past twenty years I have lived through nine brain surgeries. They removed more than twenty-two tumors from my brain. At twenty-two the surgeons stopped counting. I endured years of rehabilitation and had to completely restart my life after each rehabilitation.

The tumors ranged in size from millimeters to inches. The longest surgery lasted 14 hours, the largest removed six of seven tumors, and each one left me with a series of deficits that required months and years of rehabilitation.

I stepped off the treadmill and chose to help people just like you navigate life’s challenges and the transitions you now face. Believe me when I say that no matter what you are going through, I have been there, I know what you are facing and I can help you navigate your transition into a new and better life – the one you were meant to live.

My technique layers modern meditation with a proven life coaching methodology called the Simple Truth Method [STM].

STM will teach you to overcome the distractions that can keep you from achieving your goals as you move toward a new and exciting chapter in your life. Together we will help you write your next chapter, helping you avoid the pitfalls and bumps that may have hit the first time around.

It’s time to start a new chapter in your life. Don’t let the opportunity to rewrite your life pass you by.

We can do this together because we are in this together.


My Story

Seeking Balance

I know something about life's events and the changes they can force - job and career changes, the changes that come from a joyful marriage and a painful divorce, the satisfaction when your kids leave for college and the concern when children graduate and begin their own lives. I have taken a few deep dives into my ethos and came out on top through my own self-evaluations.

After all, I restarted my own life more than nine times from scratch. And these are lessons I can give to you.

Jeff Cannon Simple Truth Meditation Guru

brain surgeries,

weeks of radiation,

brain tumors removed in as many years,

Countless Months of rehabilitation.

After some surgeries I could not see, talk or stand. I used a long forgotten practice of meditation to help me get rid of the self-doubt and thoughts of just letting it all go that plagued me. I used the concepts behind brain science and neuro-plasticity to get myself back in the game each time I felt like giving up. I also started the Simple Truth Projects as a way to reinvent meditation from a 2,500 year old practice so that it fit with the realities of the modern world we live in.

I begin writing books and teaching others to pursue their lives on their terms. I studied with Buddhist monks and pursued a Chaplaincy, learning to serve those in hospices and hospitals about living fully even in the face of death. This is my life’s work – to teach you to make the most of every moment so that you can live fully, richly, deeply in an authentic way that is true to yourself without feeling the need to give up everything you have worked so hard to attain.

I know that you are in transition. We all are. The secret is learning to be comfortable while you are in your transition so that you can pass through it without fear or stress or anxiety and come out on top and without having to give up the authenticity and beauty that makes you truly you.

Let me help you along your journey as a partner and friend. Together we can step over whatever road block you see is in your way without squandering a moment of your precious life.


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Meditation-Based Life Coach

start every session with a brief meditation. It helps to clear away the clutter you bring with you wherever you go. Once you can look at your situation without the distractions and fears that are normal to everyone, you begin to see the opportunities that are right there in front of you. It allows you to move to a resolution that fits your life no matter where you want it to go.

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