I’m Jeff Cannon.

I’m a Midlife Coach who takes a Whole Life Approach with my clients.

Life isn’t going to stop after you transition through middle age, so why should you?

Why would you want to throw out all those wonderful memories you worked so hard to create? Those are what gave you the wisdom that is yours to share, why squander all the wisdom you worked so hard for?

Yes, you are doing great. I am here to help you navigate the rest of your middle age to help you make the most of it as you create a soft landing for all of the wonderful things you have yet to do and become.

Free yourself from distractions and mind-games. It’s time to sail through the rest of your midlife with clarity, simplicity and focus.

I will help you discover your Simple Truth.

I will give you the mindful tools you need to pursue your Life Purpose.

No more regret, feelings of unfulfilled days or of that nagging question of “Is this all there is?”

The best is yet to be and there is no better time to start enjoying your future than right now.

We will do this together because we are in this together.

All you have to do  is click to ask.

meditation cairn

If you are going through a mid-life transition I can help. I am a Mindful Life Coach who works with people just like you to:

  • Remove the distractions & create stillness

  • Empower yourself with a Focused Calm

  • Write your next chapter for a vibrant future

  • Use the lessons of your past to design the life you have always wanted to live.

We will do this together because we are in this together, all you have to do is reach out.

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