A Balanced Life

It is okay to have a drink, just don't drink too much.

It is okay to be angry, just don't let it drive your decisions.

It is okay to feel good about yourself, just dont' let it cause others to feel bad.

It is okay to love your work, just don't sacrifice your life to it.

It is okay to be proud of what you do, that is what drives you to be better than you are, just don't use it to keep others beneath you.

A happy and successful life is about balance. When one, happiness or success, becomes the only driving force in your life, it is quickly thrown out of balance. That is when unhappiness or failure occurs.

Be mindful. Be aware. Be conscious of your actions, and you can keep them in balance without stress or anxiety or jealousy or loathing.

It truly can be that easy.






Jeff Cannon

Simple Truth