Let’s Make Our President Great Again

president great again

Hillary versus Trump. Bernie as a 3rd Party candidate? Which way will you go in November? More important, why?

Are you voting, not for one, but "against the other," as so many my clients have said? Are you hanging your jaw in disbelief, once again asking yourself, "Is this the best this country can do?"

If so, you are not alone. So let's change it. Let's make our President great again.

If nothing else, think this election has shown us, not only how badly our election process is broken, but how badly it has been derailed by special interest groups, lobbyists, and even the media. Some of you are asking "How has Trump been able to gain so much media coverage without paying for it?" Others are asking "How has Hillary subverted the electoral process, losing so many primaries, yet still coming ahead in delegates?"

Most of your are convinced it is the "other party" - Republican or Democrat - that is to blame. In truth it is actually us, the voters, who are to blame for where we are. Yes, we need a healthy two, or three, party system, but more important, we need a more politically engaged voting bloc at both the local and national level. That is the only way to groom potential candidates before they arrive at the steps of the presidential nomination.

The only people who are engaged at the local levels are the extremists to the right and to the left who make it impossible for a smart and balanced candidate to make it through the ranks.

If we are to have balance on Capitol Hill, then we need opposing views to provide that balance. Without this, there will be no meeting in the middle, because there will be no "middle" to meet in. As important, the media, the so called "fifth estate", has left the idea of unbiased reporting so far behind that is has become just as corrupt as the people it is reporting on, and yes, each one of us is responsible for this.

Long ago, We the People, stopped asking for news and asked for entertainment. Not asked, but demanded it from the companies reporting. They responded by giving us exactly what we wanted. The result are debates that are more about name-calling than facts.

As candidates learned years ago, nobody wants to be bogged down with facts, we want to see blood. We want that gladiatorial adrenaline rush that comes from seeing two opponents rip each other apart. And why not? It is so much more fun than paying attention to the dull stream of strategies and plans our candidates intend to enact.

So who is to blame? We the People are. And therein lies the answer on how to fix what is going on right now in American politics.

We the People have to be the voice we have stopped being in politics. We have to ask, not for blood, but for the dull information that will make, not our country, but our President great again.

Are you willing to do this?

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  1. Jessica June 8, 2016 at 8:51 pm

    I followed your facebook link over. Really great article. Thank you for your perspective and yes “We the People” need to be more active on all points.