Create Your Web

Breathe in long and slow, deep into your lungs and smile a small Mona Lisa smile. Feel that smile radiate as it spreads with each breath. Feel it lighten you and brighten you. Feel the love of that smile radiate from you. Feel your smile connect with the smile of others. Feel the connection deepen to create a web of support. Feel yourself reach out to support those around you, even those you may not particularly care for. Feel them reach out and support you in return.

This is how you create a web of support for yourself. Every time you feel as if you've been dragged through the mud, reach out and create a web of support for yourself. Acknowledge that there are people out there who believe in you, and who in turn you believe in. 

Every time you meet someone new, take a moment to think to yourself, where would they fit into my web? If they don't then let them go. If they do, then reach out to them asking them for their thoughts on a relevant topic and help them climb your web of energy to a higher and higher level.