Q+A – How does a happy man spend his time?

Q: How does a happy man spend his time?

A: A happy man spends his time just as a happy woman does - doing whatever brings them the most happiness.

For some this means just laying back and contemplating the world, their life, the clouds. For others it may mean creating something through weaving, writing, wood working. For other’s still it may mean working to build financial wealth.

You see, we are all created differently. We all have our own simple truth. What brings each of us joy is very different.

The key to finding and enjoying happiness is to not judge others or try to change the world to fit your own image for how it should be, but to accept how it is and to let it go so that it is no longer a point of unhappiness.

I am sure you have heard the saying “be not like an oak fighting against the winds of time. Be like the bamboo that bends to the wind, learning from it and growing through it.

This is a good reminder of how to live your life in a contented manner, supple and bending to the winds of the world without letting them bother you.

I have long since forgotten who said this, but remember “How people treat you is their karma. How you respond is yours.”

Be well and I hope this helps.