A Monk’s Pace

It is amazing what can happen when you slow down and spend your moments truly taking in the world around you. At first your mind may say, “but why am I not moving as fast as those other people?” or “we’re falling behind, we’re not going to get there first.”

But where is it that we’re going to so fast? If the destination of this life is death then I hope we are truly in it for the journey rather than for that destination. If that is the case then doesn’t slowing down actually get us to enjoy the journey faster?

I look and see where the country is going. Yes, there are set-backs and distractions along the way. Perhaps white wing fascists rise up and equalities falter, but overall, we are becoming a more tolerant nation that is more accepting of those around us. This does not meant we are all fine and it does not mean we have an excuse to stop pushing for our rights as humans, but it does mean we are slowly moving in the right direction. And unless we continue to push all of those steps in the past will be for naught.

When I walk at a monk’s pace, I observe the placement of my feet, I feel the lightness of my body as I roll from my heel to my big toe, feeling the other toes fall in line to stabilize my body as I shift my weight from one foot to the next. I can see the sadness in the sound of a beggar’s cup, I can hear the hopping of a sparrow as it gathers twigs for its nest.

In both cases am I not taking in more of life than if I were racing to nowhere like those around me?

Let them win the race I say. Let them get to the finish line faster.

I will smile as I watch them fall as I enjoy each step as its own reward.