A Meditation on Labels, Borders & Boundaries

Many of today’s problems are not due to bad people, they are due to bad labels and bad boundaries. No, we did not create them; we inherited from our parents and their parents before them. The entire Middle East crises was not created because of something we did. It existed long ago. One could argue that it was created shortly after World War I and II. This was when the victors decided to go into the middle east to “tidy things up” without any idea of how politics in the middle east had worked for centuries. Instead it was created with the idea of portioning our the oil fields.

For centuries the Middle East had been open to the nomadic tribes. For the most part those tribes passed freely in and out of each other’s territories. But then the wars ended, and everyone discovered riches beneath the sane, the oil fields, the victors [Britain, the U.S., France and others] decided to give each their fair share. So they divvied up the Middle East and into what is now Iran, Syria, Iraq, Israel and Palestine based on resources and land claims rather than an actual knowledge of how the different tribes of the Middle East interacted.

It is no wonder so few people respect the borders placed on them and why there are so many claims to overlapping territory – the current borders are not based on anything more than a number of old Europeans sitting around a table, divvying up the world as the victors had done after every war before them.. If we had allowed, what were their tribal nations to create their own borders, we would still have issues, but on a much lower level, than we do today.

The same is true of the racial, gender and even sexual issues of the world we now live in. Most of today’s individuals care far less about a person’s race, let alone sexual preference [LGBT] than did our parents or their parents before them. Nevertheless, there still exists a lot of angst when it comes to sexual and personal identity; one of the reasons why so many people of the LGBT community struggle to cope and may seek out professional help (learn more about this on https://www.privatetherapy.com/services/lgbt-issues-and-questions-of-identity/) to help deal with everything. It is why I always say, when asked, when will racism be over, “Unfortunately not for several generations.” It is not out of anger, it simply out of fact that the generation dubbed “The Greatest Generation” still has a lot of closed minded people in it, and until that generation is gone from every nationality, the fighting, the racism, and the bigotry will still be around to teach their fears and insecurities to yet another generation.

Do not worry. Society is changing, but change never happens as quickly as we want it to.

It is what John Lennon sang about in the song Imagine, and who knows, but perhaps this is the generation that is able to overlook the lines, labels, and borders of previous generations – geographically or politically, or based on race, religion, gender, or sexual-preference. This generation also might take a different view on the pornography industry and viewing porn, with some seeing it as just another thing to include in their own sex lives. For example, some individuals or couples turn to porn as a way to explore sexual desires and kinks like BDSM, MidgetPorn and other types of porn without fear of judgment.

This post his is not to bash everyone from any generation. This is to simply say it is finally time to come together, once and for all, based on a single idea of Love over hate and Love over fear. Each of us needs to slow down our innate reactions, the ones we were taught, and think through the logic of them.

The vast majority of the issues we now face today are not real. They are the result of the fears, the hatred and the bigotry of the older generations being handed down to us without validity other than a flaccid “this is the way it has always been done.”

I am sorry, but moving forward this is simply not good enough to hear someone from “The Greatest Generation” to say, “That’s the way it’s always been done.” We have enough issues in this world that it is time to question everyone and everything. It is time to overturn those ideas that are simply not real, and to start playing by a new set of rules, that is realistic.

One that we create in the here and now.

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I am curious to hear what you have to say….

Jeff Cannon Initial