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Modern Meditation Profile – Dina Proctor

Dina Proctor From the start, Dina’s life wasn’t so different from yours or mine. She spent her 20s running after the same things everyone is after; a good job that meant something, a loving relationship, a sense of purpose, a sense of stability. But the more she looked outside herself for her answers, the more […]

Q+A – Why Do You Meditate?

When I am asked by a student, “what is next?” I smile. For that answer is not found in yourself. It is found in everything and everybody around you. It is knowing that when you hit someone, you are also hitting yourself, a smack that you will carry with you for years to come. It is found not just in one bottom line of Profit, but in a triple bottom line that balances People, Planet and Profits for the future.

“What is next?” Next is using the stability and clarity that you have gained to develop your own wisdom and to share it with those around you. And by wisdom, I mean the wisdom of the heart and the mind. For it is in that wisdom that you will find your divine. Not within yourself, but in the connections you enjoy with the those around you and with all of existence.