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The Covert Aggressives In Your Life

You probably know a few Passive Aggressive people, but do you know what a Covert Aggressive is? Somewhere between a passive aggressive and an outright aggressive person are countless layers of aggressive behavior. You will interact with each at some point in your life, possibly some at the same time. But if you don’t know […]

Discipline of Freedom

Freedom is not attained by sitting back and waiting for things to happen. It comes from participating in life, by living your life beyond the distractions and delusions that are everywhere in today’s world and facing reality. It comes from knowing who you are and what you want so that you can keep yourself on the right […]

Q + A: Is A Living Guru Required?

Q: Is a Living Guru Required? A: Required for what? Before you can find the right answer you need to ask the right question. 😉 If you are asking about finding a shorter or more direct path to your destination, be they spiritual or material, the answer is yes in some ways. But the idea […]

Q+A: What was the most challenging relationship you have experienced?

Q: What was the most challenging relationship you have experienced? A: My most challenging relationship is the one I have with myself. Only by having a healthy and honest relationship with myself can I hope to have a healthy and honest relationship with someone else. In the end, your defects and truths will arise no […]

Today’s failure is tomorrow’s success

What seemed impossible yesterday is most likely possible today and will be even more so tomorrow. It’s about technology, advancement and the experience you gain by having been wrong in the past. From failure you learn how not to do something, and that is often the most difficult lesson to learn. The second most difficult is to sit […]

Box Breathing

When you feel as if you just hit the wall and you can see your energy slipping away, when every page becomes a twenty-minute struggle to focus your thoughts, this is exactly when you need to breathe into your box. There’s no magic to it, you don’t have to sit in lotus or hold your […]