people and stress

People Are Your Answer to Stress

Your life is filled with stress. Between your work and personal…
Life doesn't always schedule itself at your convenience. So,…

Walk With Me

When you walk somewhere you have a destination in mind. Your…

Stop competing against yourself

Stop competing against yourself, learn to turn that wasted energy into a positive win/win for your self and those around you. It's easier than you think.

Are you on the boat or staying at the dock?

Humanity is at a cross roads in its evolution. Will you reach up to discover your divine self or retreat into the swamp of physical safety? Your boat is leaving, will you be on it?

New Meditation for 9/11

9/11 is a very difficult time for some. I recognize this. I was there. I saw the first plane flying low over the city...

Q+A: What is the simplest and fastest meditation I can do?

Your question is not as simple as you may think. Realize that…

Make A Real Impact On The World

Do you want to make a bigger impact on today’s world? How…

6 Simple Tips For Better Meditation

If you don't think you can meditate, it is really not difficult…

A Monk's Pace

It is amazing what happens when you slow down and spend your…

Eliminate your mind chatter

You don't have to open your head to clear your mind. Mind chatter.…

Bring Your Practice Home

It doesn’t matter if your practice is yoga or going to the…