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Meditation Made Easy


My 10 Minute Meditation course is designed to teach you how to benefit from the practice of meditation with a commitment of just ten minutes a day.  In my 10 Minute Meditation program, I separate the mechanics of meditation from any religious and spiritual connotations to give you a practice that anyone can quickly learn and grow from.  This program is an extension of deep breathing, so if you can breathe, you can meditate and quickly benefit by starting your own meditation practice after just one class.

Taught primarily in New York, in just one session you will learn how to meditate.  You will also learn three powerful relaxation techniques that will help to reduce your stress and increase your focus at any point in the day.  You will also be able to deepen your practice if you wish, and turn your daily meditations into an incredibly powerful, life-changing force.

So why not give me an hour to teach you how to integrate a very proven relaxation technique into your life and possibly change it forever?


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