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What would you have done if you lived in Germany as Hitler rose to power? Would you have sat back knowing what you now know and done nothing? Or would you have stepped up and tried to do everything in your power to stop him from gaining power?

I have to admit there is something troubling about a man who uses the frustrations of a segment of any country for his own personal good, rather than trying to unify those same people through empathy and understanding.

When someone turns the frustration of a population into hate and anger and violence, I can understand why some people are becoming increasingly anxious and waking up at all hours while thinking about leaving the country. But isn't this country worth staying and fighting for? Isn't it worth doing everything we can to ensure the freedoms we believe in are protected?

Personally I think so.

Now, I am not suggesting that Donald Trump is anything like Adolph Hitler, but several of my clients have come in with anxiety about what to do if  Donald Trump were to win the Presidency. Many of them have talked about leaving the country and living abroad to which I have repeated the same response,

'running away from the problems we create for ourselves is never a solution. Running away is simply a delay tactic that inevitably catches up to us, and when it does we will be filled with regret for not having done something years before, in the here and now.'

So if you are worried or have anxiety about Mr. Trump winning, the best way to assuage that anxiety is to do something, anything, to change the course of history before it becomes too late.

After all, turning one's back on the issue and trying to ignore it has never worked for anyone, not for Nepal, and certainly not for Syria.

Having said this, I want to be clear that am not implying that Mr. Trump is anything like Hitler, but at the same time his actions make you wonder about how he has used the Democratic process of Elections to his own good. When I see the vile and venom that one man's rhetoric carries, I cannot help but wonder what are the motives behind his words? I watch the people at his rallies display the same characteristics as the Brown Shirts must have done before Kristalnacht. Perhaps he is simply a politician feeding off of America's frustrations, gaining as many constituents as possible any way he can.

He is certainly not an Obama, nor is he a Clinton. But the people they appeal to are obviously not the ones he is trying to reach.

So what can you do now? You can vote. You can protest. You can write to the RNC [ecampaign@gop.com] and voice your concerns or opinions. At least that way, no matter which way the elections go, you can say you did something. And isn't that better than sitting back and watching the world pass you by?

Is Donald Trump Our Hitler?

Is Donald Trump Our Hitler?

What would you have done if you lived in Germany as Hitler rose to power? Would you have sat back and done nothing knowing what you know now? Or would you have stepped up and tried to do everything in...Read More »
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