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60 Minute Meditation Retreat

Be Your Best - Calm in the Center of Chaos

We all face setbacks in our lives.  We get knocked off our track from time to time.  Stress, everyday distractions, even friends and family can throw you off your game.

Why not give yourself a meditation cleanse?

In just sixty minutes I can help you get rid of the stress and distractions that undermine your day.  I can help you clear out the noise that keeps you from enjoying your life, be it personal or professional.

Think of this like a massage for your mind.  In just sixty minutes you will let go of your stress and your distractions with Modern Meditation.  No flowing robes, no burning incense, no mantras to remember; just a simple approach to guided meditation that will change your life.

Best of all, you will walk away having learned a valuable meditation technique that you can use at any point in your day.

Once you master it, you can bring yourself to calm in just 10 minutes.

It’s easy, it’s fast, and it’s the modern way to find the calm, the balance and the grounding you want in your life – your way.

Why not take an hour out of your day to bring your life back into balance?  You will be surprised how effective you can be.


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