Perception of Me is a Reflection of You

Your perception of me is a reflection of you

It takes 13 milliseconds for your brain to process the input it receives. That means everything you see, hear, taste, touch, smell has a brief pause from the time your eyes, ears, nose, mouth and fingers sense it to the time it becomes recognized for what it is.

In that brief moment your brain connects the input you are experiencing with all of the memories you have ever had or could ever imagine having in order to classify what is all around you as good or bad, safe or unsafe, friend or foe. It also uses whatever is going on within your life, your emotions be it anger or love, as a filter for what is going on in the world around you.

Your emotions and your experiences, the breakup you just went through or the new love you just met will help your brain classify how you perceive the events in your life at any given moment in time. All those memories, emotions, hopes and direct you to choose one path over another. They are the why behind the what that you decide to eat, drink, work on or escape to. Your need to eat something richly satisfying to get over a slump of depression or to eat something high in fiber to take on the day are chosen, not by you, but by your 40,000 year old brain as it struggles to guide you through the contemporary world you live in.

The world as you see it is a reflection of everything you are going through at any given moment. If it is why when you are in Love the world can be a brilliant place where hope is found in every object you touch, every scent you smell, every taste you bite into. It is also why that same moment can be a dark and scary place to someone who is seeing it from a very different perspective.

For those who are upset everything can seem just a little darker and a little less inviting. That same cerulean sky is suddenly a darker shade of blue. It is still blue, just not quite as bright as it may seem to you. It is no different for the people you interact with. Your suspicion of, or anger with, someone is not just based on their actions but your own as well.

This distortion is why you mirror yourself onto the lives of those around you. You assume what you are experiencing must be the same as those around. Whatever fear is pulsing through your veins must surely pulse through their veins as well. If you are suspicious of someone’s actions it may not be just them, it may be your own feelings of self doubt that you are struggling with that are mirrored onto them.

Your own emotions can create a circus mirror that will cause you to see a skinny person or a fat person in front of you rather than the person as they really are. Your distorted view of the world and those around you is more often off base than it is on because of how you perceive reality rather than how it really is.

It is not until you awaken to the fact that your brain creates your world that you can truly be free of your distorted version of reality and begin to live life in the real world and in a whole new light.

The next time you think someone is undermining your efforts, take a moment to breathe and to bring yourself back down to earth. Think about what is going on in your own life and how that could distort your view of your friends and your community.

Did you recently lose someone who is dear to you? Did your boss choose someone else for “the big project?” Think about how all of these things might affect the way you view the one you Love and have always trusted. Do  you really want to throw that Love and trust away because of what your 40,000 year old brain suspects someone else did?

Take a moment to cool down before you rush into something you might regret. Even though you are convinced you are in the right, just know that the world around you is not always what it seems.


Be well and I hope this helps.




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