Price of Perfection

I have often said that all the answers are out there in nature. You simply have to look deep enough. I hold to this way of thinking on every level.

It was just announced that it is impossible to reach a temperature of absolute zero.  It is the same for the speed of light. The closer you get to each, the costlier it becomes to attain that perfect state, eventually becoming physically impossible to do so.

What does this have to do with your life? The same applies when you try to attain absolute perfection in yourself or your work. It is a simple value proposition that just does not add up no matter how much you spend or how hard you work.

Getting to 80% of perfect is relatively inexpensive, in terms of time, money and resources. That last 20% though? The closer you strive to get to 100% the more expensive each step becomes and the less value your receive. The cost of reaching perfection simply becomes too great to justify the value it adds to your life.

The Navajo believe that only the gods can create perfection. It is why you will always find an imperfection in the rugs they weave. It is to acknowledge that to be human is to err. That no one but the gods are perfect.

This does not mean you should settle for less than perfect. It simply means to be aware of the cost of trying to do so. Do not struggle for something that is unattainable or it will be the source of greater suffering. Realize it is okay to reset your ideals for something that is less than absolute perfection. Take those resources and apply them to something with greater meaning in your life. Besides with the realities of the 21st Century world we live in, what is perfect today will be imperfect tomorrow and even less so the day after.

Stop thinking of this as settling for less and start thinking of this as a moment of enlightenment in terms of remeasuring where you want to spend what little time you have every day. Do you want to spend it running after details that last only for a moment before they disappear? Or do you want to step back and spend your time enjoying the larger view of things. A larger view that places your happiness above the perfection that will never be found in that “perfect” flower arrangement, the “perfect” job, the “perfect” cocktail party, the “perfect” weekend away, the “perfect” spa, the “perfect” mani/pedi, the “perfect” … well, you get the idea.

Stop thinking of it as settling and start thinking of it as LIVING!!!

It is your life. It’s time to start living it your way.

Be well, I hope this helps,





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