Slow Down – Do More

To some people life is all about faster, quicker, sooner. Faster downloads, quicker processing, and sooner, same-day delivery. For those that think they are not performing fast enough, or falling behind in their studies, there’s always Adderall.

For some reason we think by running, running, running we will get more done. The problem is the faster you run, the more details you miss, and that is how you fall behind. It is those details that catch you in the end. Sooner or later you will have to go back and edit whatever it is you are doing. After all it is in those details that you truly live.

It is far better to attend to the details of your life the first time around than having to go back and edit them later. So why not slow down and enjoy the process the first time around? Why not pay attention to the details of your life so that you do not have to spend time re-aligning yourself with the work at hand and the inevitable edit that comes after?

In the end, slowing down and paying attention to the details of your life will save you hours and years in the end.

When you first pass by a painting or a photograph, you may think “Oh, that’s a pretty painting”, or “that’s a stunning photograph.” But it is not until you take a closer look that you notice the details. Those are what turn an artist’s perspective into a thing of beauty. How is it framed, how are the light and shadows dealt with? The subtle nuances are what make the difference.

As Mies Van De Rohe said, “God lives in the details.” Apparently so does the Devil – depending on your perspective. It is in the details that you can lose yourself and burn a lifetime or find yourself and turn an average life into a thing of beauty.

How many times have you passed a view completely unaware that it was there? How many times have you read a book, completely forgetting the words just pages before, or turned a project in with typos and misspellings? It takes a special person to slow down and see the world for what it is. It takes someone who is truly awake and present to notice something that others never see.

Why not take the time to notice the details on your first pass? Those details are what hold the scents hidden behind a photographer’s image, the tastes beneath a painter’s brush, or the essence of a band. Those same details will bring joy into your life and make your days, work or play, worth living.

Learn to slow down and notice the details. It will save you a lot of time in the end. It will also bring your life to life in a more vibrant way. Slow down, be aware of the world around you and find a balance between noticing the details without losing yourself to them. That is what will make the difference in everything you do.

You can lose yourself in the details, which is how they become the Devil, or you can use them to bring out the beauty of a project, no matter what it is. The choice is yours.

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