Modern Meditation

Experience The Difference

Your Meditation Practice Your Way


editation is a wonderful practice. It dates back 3,000 years or more.  It carries some astonishing truths.  It provides powerful insights.  But, it is 3,000 years old.  The philosophy at the core of meditation is still as strong as it has ever been.  The ideas of compassion and loving kindness have never been needed more than they are today.  But the teachings and techniques do not always fit with the realities of the world we all live in.  This is the beauty behind Modern Meditation – a refined approach to mediation that works with your world and your life.

When meditation was introduced there were no cell phones.  There were no quarterly earnings or 401Ks to worry about.  Then, the scope of understanding was the village you lived in.  Today, it is a global view of the world’s problems brought instantly to your doorstep.

Modern Meditation was created with an understanding that you should not have to change your life to bring meditation into it.  Meditation is powerful enough to fit into your life, your way; if it is taught properly.

Modern Meditation is not a nap alternative.  It is not about floating on a Nirvanic cloud.  It is a focused approach to understanding and managing your thoughts.  It teaches you how to be aware of the quality of your thoughts so that you can let them go when you want to.  When you learn to do that in a safe, environment you will be able to do that in the outside world.  You will be able to take an active role in your life and in a deeper, healthier, more passionate way.

You do not need to change your life to fit into someone else’s idea of what your practice should be.  You can work with a community of people who understand the realities of today’s world to develop a practice that is right for your life, on your terms.

Meditation is a simple practice. It is also a powerful one.  It will help you overcome 40,000 years of wiring and a lifetime of programming. It will help you live your life, your way.

Let me show you how to do it properly and experience the difference that Modern Meditation can make.