Today’s failure is tomorrow’s success

What seemed impossible yesterday is most likely possible today and will be even more so tomorrow. It’s about technology, advancement and the experience you gain by having been wrong in the past.

From failure you learn how not to do something, and that is often the most difficult lesson to learn. The second most difficult is to sit back and reflect on what you just did so that you can apply your learning in your next attempt. There will always be a next attempt as long as you are willing to move past your ego and try again. The lessons you learn may not apply to your current project but your experiences and your failures will help you get through whatever you are doing in the next here and now.

You just have to ask yourself if you are willing to move beyond the fear of your primordial brain to create a new success.

As a human you will never do it right the first time. There is no shame in that fact. The important thing to keep in mind is that you will get it right if you set your ego aside and approach your tasks in the right way; through a) the process of Action Reflection Action and b) by sharing your errors with, and learning from the community of trusted people around you.

It is how we have evolved and grown past our limitations. We attempted something in the past (Action), we made a mistake and shared our mistake with the community around us (Reflection). We adjusted our efforts and tried again (Action). If we made another mistake we adjusted our efforts again, and we continued this process of Action/Reflection/Action until we got it right. Notice the one key word throughout all of this – we.

The coffee mug didn’t just appear looking like it does now. It took centuries to get it right. At first our ancestors used their hands in a cold stream to take a sip. It was good, until someone discovered fire and eventually that water could be heated to warm us, someone else discovered that when flavored with herbs and crushed beans it would give them a boost. It wasn’t until those seemingly different ideas were brought together that someone else created ways to hold that concoction. Each refined their separate ideas until we have what we now take for granted in every McDonalds or Starbucks we drive or walk into.

Our ancestors never imagined what their individual projects would turn into, but the end result is something they were could never even dream of. At first they used hollowed out logs but perhaps the wood gave their brew a bad taste. Perhaps someone saw someone else heating clay in a fire and thought it a good idea to hold water. By talking around a fire two early sapiens put the idea of a crude bowl into action.

It did not happen in an instant, but after many tries and many generations maybe the idea of adding a handle to the bowl to create a crude mug came up. They may not have gotten that handle right but they brought themselves one step closer to creating what we now call a mug. Perhaps in modern times someone else thought wouldn’t it be great if we could take that drinking concept on the road, and so it goes and will go well into the future.

Our ancestors didn’t get it right the first time, neither do we. Life is a never-ending process of Action/ Reflection/Action. Everything takes centuries to get to the point where their crude shelters kept advancing to the point where they did more than just hold out the rain or kept them safe, warm or shaded. Each time they learned how to create what was needed through the process of Action/Reflection/Action.

Each of the impossibilities we face is actually made possible by sharing knowledge and by expanding our web of experience beyond what each individual failure teaches us as we sped down the path together to where we are today.

Nobody ever gets it right the first time. First somebody comes up with a need. They discover that others share that same need. Someone chimes in with a  possible solution. We try to build that solution. Maybe it works or maybe it doesn’t. Someone else comes along with another idea, and so it goes until a sort-of solution is created. It sticks for a while until someone else adds a new idea, each improving upon the initial idea. So it goes until the mug, the tablet, the book, the library, and eventually the internet is created.

All you have to do is follow that same basic process. Find a problem to solve, ask someone for their help. Learn from those around you if they can apply their thinking to your issue. Build your knowledge base so that you can tackle bigger and more complicated issues – be they physical, psychological or spiritual. This is how yesterday’s impossibilities becomes today’s possibility and tomorrow’s reality.

Speaking became writing, writing became books, books became libraries, libraries became the internet, and the internet brought us back to speaking again.

Many of our advancements have not been so positive. Some have been turned into destructive, sliding us backwards which is perhaps the most difficult lesson for us to learn, that of self-restraint. Sometimes we are not ready for our own creations and we have to rein ourselves in. In that moment an internal war is waged between our ego that urges us onward and our reason that wants to pull us back.

Yes a gun can be used to hunt and get us food. It can also be used to kill many innocent and unsuspecting people in one simple pull of the trigger. It is why now is the time for us to realize what is the good way to use the tool we created so many centuries ago and which is the bad way.

In time our children’s children will know to manage themselves, which will perhaps be our greatest lesson of all, giving us the self-restraint we never had, which will be a leap forward if we take it. The moment we take that step we will unleash the realization of our greatest accomplishment of all – the advancement of the human spirit.

It will be yesterday’s greatest impossibility that our children’s children’s children will make – the peace we have all been looking for – possible. So why is it so difficult  for us to open our hearts and allow them to do so?

They have the opportunity to make the world a kinder place, if we can just get out of their way. We had our chance to do this for so long. It is now our time to step our of their way so that they can have theirs.

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Be well, and in the end, it is your life. It’s time to live it your way.

I hope this helps